Lean Workshop Group Event, Uxbridge, December 2015

The Lean Workshop group hosted its last event of 2015 at the Robert Bosch Training Centre in Uxbridge on 9th and 10th December.  The Lean Workshop Group is a consortium of nine companies whose expertise, knowledge and products can help make your company and operations more lean.

The event, held over two days, attracted over 70 visitors from 23 different companies in various sectors across the country.  The event combined theory, demonstrations and practical activities complete with the relevant question and answer sessions from the different companies to engage and challenge the visitors into a different way of thinking.   The event was also a great opportunity for visitors to meet with like-minded people to discuss the benefits and downfalls of systems within their own companies.

Louise and Sophia represented Hurst Green Plastics within the group for the first time and found the day to be engaging and informative.   Office manager Louise, who has been with Hurst Green Plastics for just over 2 years had this to say about the event:


‘It’s a really fantastic opportunity for our company to meet and present our products to new and existing contacts.  It really is brilliant how each product presented at the event works with one another to make a completely lean environment.  The format really engages each attendee with the various practical activities supporting the theory which is discussed throughout the day. I am now very much looking forward to representing Hurst Green Plastics at the various events planned throughout next year’.


The event in Uxbridge rounds off the 5 events the Lean Workshop Group held across England and Wales this year and the group is very excited to continue this as there are more events to be held throughout the UK in 2016.

We would just like to take this time to thank the other members of the group and our visitors to our events this year for their time and effort in making this a fantastic year for the group and we are all excited to see what 2016 brings for the Lean Workshop Group.