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SpinFlag Stock Control Bin

With the recent introduction of the newest Product to the Stock Indicator Family- The Spinflag, sales of the product have really ‘taken off’ within the aerospace & medical industries, helping companies with their stock control.  Utilising simple visual indications, the SpinFlag can show you where your inventory levels are, without having to count the contents in a bin or on a shelf.

The SpinFlag Stock Indicator

The SpinFlag was created from customer driven demand for a small and easy Stock Control Indicator that is clear display of where stock, production, process or anything is up to.  With this is mind, we have marketed the SpinFlag at various events across the globe, including Europe, USA and Australia, in order to display how our new Indicator can save companies time and money by making one small change to their storage operation currently in place.  There is no need to overhaul your current storage system – the SpinFlag can be quickly attached to shelves or bins to display the information meaning you don’t need to waste time and money planning a new storage system or racking.

SpinFlag Stock Control     SpinFlag Stock Control Bins

The BinFlag Stock Indicator

The BinFlag Stock Indicator has already achieved the goal of the SpinFlag in many different industries including Aerospace, Rail and Medical – but with the collaboration of RFID technology and our Binflags, it can take storage and stock control to the next level. Utilising BinFlag Stock Indicators and RFID Scanners an automatic signal can be sent from the Bin/Shelf to a computer, updating the user that the contents require replenishment, without even having to leave your seat or check the contents of the bin, meaning you and your staff have more time to do what you do best!

BinFlag Stock Control Green  BinFlag Stock Control Red BinFlag Stock Control Yellow     BinFlag Stock Control Bin

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