New TwinBin video featuring TwinBin & RFID

When it comes to storage and inventory control we all want the information to be up to date and accurate – which is not always easy when you have 1000+ different products!

We all want accurate stock levels – but we don’t have the time to check every product line everyday.  With the TwinBin System and RFID Technology, this is no longer the case. Hurst Green Plastic’s TwinBins now use clever materials in the Flag Devices to act as RFID shields turning your storage system into an automatic Kanban storage system.  In fact, by using passive RFID tags on the TwinBins, product stock levels can be displayed and reported … in about 3 seconds*.

RFID and the TwinBin System can offer the following benefits:

  • Increasing visibility
  • Real time reports on stock level 24/7
  • Increased reliability – no human error
  • More efficient than barcode scanning
  • Reduce costs
  • Reduce time with no need for human intervention
  • Scan ‘sections’ rather than individual bins & barcodes

Hurst Green Plastics have teamed up with Clarendon Specialty Fasteners to offer TwinBins and RFID Technology through their fastener supply service.  Clarendon Specialty Fasteners have incorporated the Clarendon Air Service (Automatic Inventory Replenishment) with their customer and created a video to show how the service works.  The Software system combined with the TwinBin System can offer a solution that not only saves time and money, but also enables traceability and effective stock availability.

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*use of handheld RFID scanner.