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The Launch have launched their new product The SMT/SMD Reel Stock Indicator to the market following success from trials which have taken place in an Aerospace Electronics facility. The SMT/SMD Reel Stock Indicator is an RFID Compatible Stock Indicator which displays the stock level status of your SMT/SMD Reels.  When the reels are in stock, the indicator is secure and not on display. Once the reel has been used and removed from its housing the red flag pops up to notify that more stock is required. Once this is displayed the manager of the reels can simply count the red flags and re-order what is required. Once the next batch is on order, they simply set the flag to yellow scanned. When the reels are placed back into stock, the flag is reset. The indicator is RFID Compatible, so this process can be completely automated.

The Trial

The product was designed for an Aerospace Electronics company in the USA following their need for indicators for SMD/SMT Reels – as these were regularly out of stock causing a pause in production.  The facility was already successful in its use of RFID technology to manage various items within the facility so this was important.   Following protype testing and various discussions the first batch was supplied in December with the remainder being supplied in January.  Following successful trials over the next couple of months the Reel Indicators have been a success and are confidently launching the product to the market.

SMT Reel Indicator 2
SMT Reel Indicator 2

Advantages of the SMT/SMD Reel Stock Indicator

  • Reduces stock outs
  • Reduces stock held
  • Visual indicator of stock levels
  • Fits multiple widths of reels
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Fully automated replenishment when combined with RFID Technology
  • Suitable in ESD Environment
  • Free samples to test with your reels before you order
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