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News – Avalon

What is the Avalon Airshow?

Avalon Airshow 2019 24th February to 3rd March 2019

Hurst Green Plastics Ltd are taking the TwinBin System across the globe to the Avalon Airshow in Australia later this month.  The Avalon Airshow, which takes place at the Avalon Airport in Geelong, Victoria will run from 26th February to 3rd March 2019.  The previous show in 2017, saw 664 companies from 25 countries showcasing their products and services to over 33,000 trade visitors. This is the third time in 6 years that Hurst Green Plastics will be at the event showcasing our product range, and we are excited to show the Australian market all the new products and solutions that we have been working on.

What are we showcasing at Avalon Airshow?

The team will be taking a variety of products for demonstration such as:

We are also going to be bringing two brand new solutions to the show:

Kitting Solutions, BinFlag Stock Indicator and The TwinBin System
Ravn Aircraft and the TwinBin system

Accounts Director, Julie Monaco will be heading across the globe to the event and had this to say:

“It will be the third time that Hurst Green Plastics Ltd have taken the solutions to the Avalon Airshow and I am very excited to be joining Chairman Stephen and HR Director Martine at the event.  The show is a great opportunity to show the Australian Market what we have been working on and we are thrilled to show our newest solution TwinBinLive, which will change the way people control their inventory.”

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