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Recognising the opportunities in the Middle East, Peter recently set sail back to UAE and Oman, this time as a representative for TwinBin and a successful trip it was. Peter has over 30-years’ experience working in the Middle East, meaning he has been able to provide some well-established contacts in that area of the world. His two-week trip saw him nonstop in exhibitions, meetings, and conferences.

Two days after arrival, Peter had meetings with both the British Embassy and the British Business Group in Dubai. These meetings proved very positive, confirming that there were many opportunities for Hurst Green Plastics in UAE, a great start to the trip and has allowed Peter to plan ahead for future activities.

One of the biggest events of the trip was the Dubai, Arab Health Show, on attending Peter said, “Arab Health 2020 was without a doubt an excellent platform for networking, incorporating innovative products into realistic scenarios resulting we hope in several high quality, opportunities for TwinBin and its related products.” The show boasted in excess of 2,400 exhibitors and 34 individual Country villages, providing a great chance to make new contacts and putting Peter’s expertise in scouting new customers to the test.

Photos of the Arab Health Show 2020:

Unaware of what a small world it really is, Peter was introduced to Dr. Sue Chapman, The Gulf Regional Clinical Manager of Great Ormond Street Hospital, who surprisingly lives just down the road in Preston. Sue will be returning to the UK later in the year and after talking with Peter, would like to come and visit Hurst Green Plastics to gain a real insight into the company and what we have to offer.

During Peter’s stay in the Middle East he managed to catch up with old friends who he has known for many years Maggie Jeans OBE, Maggie has been the coordinator for the British Business Group in Oman for over 30 years and was awarded an OBE for her services to export and David Burton, Director of Western Line, Ruwi, Oman, already since the meeting both Maggie and David have provided Peter with introductions to a number of major blue-chip companies in the Middle East, such as Porsche Parts Distribution, Royal Oman Police, Ministry of Defence and Royal Flight, Mercedes Parts Oman and contact details of other engineering companies, who could have use for TwinBin products, were acquired by Peter.

This trip was also about strengthening relationships with an already great customer base. Peter had very positive meetings with the likes of Boeing, Strata, Royal Airforce of Oman, BITO and Emirates Health, all of whom are very active customers. These meetings allowed Peter to introduce some of our newer products, such as TwinBin Live. Strata also commented on our wonderful customer service and specifically praised our Accounts Director, Julie Monaco.

Overall, this was a productive and promising trip which has led to numerous samples already being dispatched. Thank you again to Peter for providing his time and effort.