Partition System

Need ultimate flexibility from your kitting case? Try the Partition Case!


  • Complete multi-trip kitting
  • No cross or environmental contamination
  • No waste!
  • Interchangeable
  • Fit any size part


 Length  Width  Depth
Small Kitting Case 400mm/15.7 inch 300 mm/11.8 inch 80 mm/3.1 inch
Large Kitting Case 600 mm/23.6 inch 400 mm/15.7 inch 90 mm/3.5 inch

There are 5 sizes of partition for the partition case.


Length Width
MKP5 550mm/21.6 inch 70mm/2.75 inch
MKP4 350mm/13.8 inch 70mm/2.75 inch
MKP3 250mm/9.8 inch 70mm/2.75 inch
MKP2 170mm/6.7 inch 70mm/2.75 inch
MKP1 90mm/3.5 inch 70mm/2.75 inch

Our standard case size is:

Length Width Depth
Large Kitting Case 600 mm/23.6 inch 400 mm/15.7 inch 90 mm/3.5 inch

Why not add MKP 5 with Stub?

The MKP 5 with stub can be cut down to any length allowing for even more flexibly for you kitting case.



Why not add Coloured Partitions?

Coloured partitions are available subject to minimum order.

Why not add a clear lid?

We know it is important have kitting and storage that is very visual and you can’t get much more visual than our clear lids!


  • Save time refilling by looking directly into the case without opening it.
  • Easily identify correct kit.

For a full demonstration on how the Partition system works please see our instructional video:

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