Vacuum Formed Kitting

Have a regular layout using high value parts? Try our Vacuum Formed trays!


  • Works as a shadow board so you can easily see what need replacing
  • Protects parts while in transit and on the shop floor
  • No waste!
  • Designed for your needs exactly
  • Long lasting made of highly durable plastic


 Length  Width  Depth
Small Kitting Case 400mm/15.7 inch 300 mm/11.8 inch 80 mm/3.1 inch
Large Kitting Case 600 mm/23.6 inch 400 mm/15.7 inch 90 mm/3.5 inch

Why not add a clear lid?

We know it is important have kitting and storage that is very visual and you can’t get much more visual than our clear lids!


  • Save time refilling by looking directly into the case without opening it.
  • Easily identify correct kit.

 For a full demonstration on how the Vacuum Formed system works please see our instructional video:

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