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Our Stock Control Solutions

TwinBin accessories used to control your inventory and reduce stock outs.

The TwinBin System

This system will save you time, money and effort while controlling your inventory. This is a two-bin Kanban system that ... See More
TwinBin Live, wirelessly updating stock levels without human interaction.

TwinBin Live

TwinBin Live wirelessly updates stock levels without the need for human interaction. 100% realtime, 24/7! No more missed scans, fully ... See More
TwinBin RFID Flag System Used to indicate when stock is low.

TwinBin RFID

Utilising clever materials to act as RFID shields, we have incorporated passive Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags into all our ... See More
Bespoke TripFlag unit used for larger parts.

The TripFlag System

The TripFlag was designed for products that may not work with the TwinBin system. When the stock has been used ... See More
TwinBin racking systems for implementing stock control on the shop floor.

Racking Systems & Solutions

We have our standard size racks set up with different options. We also manufacture custom racks in any shape or ... See More
Hurst Green Plastics BinFlag Stock Indicator to create a visual reduction in stock.

BinFlag Stock Indicators

Advantages of our BinFlag Stock Indicators: Extremely simple for you to install as the back plate supplied can be fixed ... See More
Hurst Green Plastics Stock Indicator : SpinFlag to create a visual reduction in stock.

SpinFlag Stock Indicators

Advantages of our SpinFlag Stock Indicators: Extremely simple for you to install as the back plate supplied can be fixed ... See More
Hurst Green Plastics TiltBin System used for slow moving parts.

TiltBin Dispenser

Slow moving parts? Try the TiltBin Dispenser The Injection moulded TiltBin dispenser is designed for use with long-life parts or ... See More
Dial used to choose the amount of rivets dispensed.

Rivet Dispenser

For frequently used parts, our patented Rivet Dispenser is perfect. Operators can see exactly which parts they need and a ... See More
Hurst Green Plastics, inventory control SMT/SMD Reel Indicator displays the stock level status of your SMT/SMD Reels - reduces stock outs.

SMT/SMD Reel Stock Indicator

Control the stock levels of your SMT/SMD Reels The SMT/SMD Reel Stock Indicator is an RFID Compatible Stock Indicator which ... See More
Locking Device on KitBoxes to stop components for being tampered with and safe.

KitBox System

Are your kitting requirements constantly changing? Then try the KitBox Kitting Case which is interchangeable, safe, secure and reusable! Find ... See More
A regular layout designed uniquely to fit high value parts.

Vacuum Formed Kitting

Have a regular layout using high value parts? Try our Vacuum Formed trays. It works as a shadow board so ... See More
Bespoke Foam Kitting with Company Branding, designed to secure fragile or valuable parts.

Foam Kitting System

If you need to secure your valuable or fragile components then try our Foam Kits. Working as a shadow board ... See More
Hurst Green Plastics Kitting, Partition Cases are interchangeable to suit the components it carry's.

Partition System

Complete multi-trip kitting with no cross or environmental contamination and no waste. Interchangeable, fit any size parts and with two ... See More

What We Do

We can save you time, money and effort with your inventory management. Our unique Kanban storage and dispensing solutions use a First-In, First-Out (FIFO) system to monitor your stock levels and alert you when they are running low.

Our system tells you when to refill items BEFORE you run out meaning you can refill stocks Just-In-Time. They also allow you to monitor how fast a part is needing replenishing. We design, manufacture and install a variety of unique and innovative storage and dispensing solutions.

Home of the Queen’s Award winning products (see article below), the TwinBin and TripFlag Kanban dispensers, the BinFlag stock indicator and various kitting solutions.

All our products are shipped worldwide to all industries from Aerospace and Rail, through to Medical and Hospital Ward storage. Please read our case studies to find out more →

Our Awards


The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise

Hurst Green Plastics are proud winners of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise. The award, which is held for 5 years, is the highest award a company can receive in the UK.

BAE Systems Samlesbury was the first location for the Hurst Green Plastics’ unique inventory management control system. Hurst Green Plastics Managing Director, Stephen Clarke, worked closely with engineers, and invented the unique TwinBin fastener storage dispenser.


The North of England Award Won for Innovation

The North of England Excellence Awards are given to organisations that achieve or maintain excellent performance from across industry, commerce, education, public utilities, local government and the voluntary sector.

We are absolutely delighted that our TwinBin products have been judged to be award winners for innovation for improving manufacturing productivity.

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