Learn how our simple yet effective TwinBins revolutionise inventory management with real-time stock visibility, reducing stock-outs and boosting productivity.

Our priority is to identify the best solutions for your supply chain, ensuring you achieve the most savings and a more productive environment.

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Standard Twinbin

This is a “two-bin” system that works by storing reserve stock above active stock.

  • Once the active stock is used you simply pull the slider to release the reserve batch into the lower bin.
  • A flag is automatically released to indicate the upper chamber should now be restocked.
  • When scanned the flag can be set to indicate stock has been re-ordered.
  • Reduces Stock Outs
  • Reduces Stock Held
  • Reduces Costs
  • First-In, First-Out (FIFO) Stock Rotation
  • Provides Traceability of Parts

TwinBin Sizes

Mini TwinBin H 140mm x W 150mm x D 110mm
Single TwinBin H 280mm x W 150mm x D 110mm
Double TwinBin H 280mm x W 150mm x D 110mm
Triple TwinBin H 280mm x W 450mm x D 110mm
Twinbin family range of 4 sizes

TwinBin NHS Case Study

Karina Maxwell, Head of Supplies, and Louise Allen, Supplies Assistant, are responsible for the logistics, procurement and control of patient ward consumables used at the North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust.

These items range from toothbrushes and combs to needles and catheters. All Items that are required day-to-day by all members of staff from nurses to doctors to treat and aid patients.Trying to maintain any sort of control was becoming a daily torment for Louise and Karina. Using open boxes for each product item, they found that products were often being misplaced by members of staff, the stores were cluttered and disorderly, people were taking items from the wrong boxes and stock-outs were commonplace.

We supplied the TwinBin system to Airbus at Broughton, in North Wales, for the A380 wing production.

The cost was £10,000 but resulted in savings of £60,000 after only 5 months.

Lean tools such as 5C, KanBan, “Plan Do Check Act” (PDCA) and problem solving were used in order to ensure that a methodical, structured approach was used and that improvements were sustainable. Racking systems, which contain all the bolts, required for a particular operation, are now in place, right where they are needed, close by the working areas bringing tremendous benefits to the business, saving thousands of pounds in wasted AGS and making jobs overall more efficient.

Pugh and Sanders Ltd (PSL) supply a wide range of Industrial Fasteners and fixings nationwide to a diverse customer base, from fabrication, Engineering, manufacturing and Construction to more specific industries such as Aerospace, Automotive and the Railway.

Pugh and Sanders believe their service combined with this great product has helped them deliver one of the best stock control management services for fasteners on the market.

If you want to fully automate your stock control then we have the TwinBinlive range.

In TwinBinlive we’ve added “intelligent” functionality enabling real time stock status to wirelessly update stock levels without the need for human interaction. 100% realtime, 24/7!

Twinbin Live v2

TwinBin Variations

TwinBins are great but you might have components that are larger, have irregular packaging or are fragile. We have solutions for all of these and they can work in unison with each other!

tripFlag demonstration

For large parts use trays as in our TripFlag Cart

tripflag shelving

For bulky parts use variable sized compartments as in our TripFlag Cabinets .

BinFlag Stock Indicator

BinFlags can be attached to your existing bins, shelves, cabinets, pallets, kits etc.

spinflag demostration

If your existing storage bins, shelves or cabinets etc are small then our SpinFlags  are ideal.

tiltbin demo 480

Easily store and dispense small parts using our TiltBins .

kitbox demonstration 480

KittingCase Solutions to protect valuable components.

rivetdispenser demo 480

RivetDispensers to control quantities of rivets.

reel stock demo 480

Indicators to see when ReelStock needs replacement.

Our TwinBin Catalogue 2024

Open our brochure to see our range of stock control systems that will help your workflow become more productive.

Brochure layout 2024

Our Racking Solutions Catalogue 2024

We provide racking to suit any environment; free-standing, mobile, wall-mounted, trolleys, cabinets or workbenches.

Racking Catalogue 2024

It’s because of the ever changing demands of our customers that we’ve been able to find innovative ways to improve their stock control systems.
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