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The TwinBin System will save you time, money and effort while controlling your inventory.

This is a two-bin Kanban system that works by storing reserve stock above active stock. Once the active stock has been depleted you simply pull the slider to release the reserve batch leaving the upper chamber ready for new stock.

Advantages of the TwinBin Kanban System:

  • Reduces stock outs
  • Reduces stock held
  • Reduces Costs
  • First-In, First-Out (FIFO) stock rotation
  • Provides traceability of parts

Single TwinBin with BinFlag, Locking Bar and Coloured Ticket

This short animation demonstrates how the TwinBin System helps you keep control of your stock. 39sec

The TwinBin is available in four standard sizes

Mini, Single, Double and Triple and therefore versatile for most types of stock.

Twinbin family group 2631 v2

The TwinBin Racking System

We also supply all the racking to mount the TwinBins. The racks can be fitted with castors so they can be moved around the site.

They can have triangular headers to provide rack identification and prevent users placing FOD on top of the racks and bins.

Visit our racking page for more information.

0.75rack with bins

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