KitBox System

Have kitting requirements that are constantly changing? Try the KitBox Kitting Case!


  • Complete multi-trip kitting
  • Safe, secure and tamper proof
  • No cross or environmental contamination
  • Resealable and reusable
  • No waste!
  • Ergonomic design
  • Interchangeable


 Length  Width  Depth
Small Kitting Case 400mm/15.7 inch 300 mm/11.8 inch 80 mm/3.1 inch
Large Kitting Case 600 mm/23.6 inch 400 mm/15.7 inch 90 mm/3.5 inch

With the kit box case you have a choice of four KitBoxes to house your different size components.





Length Width Depth
KitBox AA 65mm/ 2.55 inch 53mm/2.1 inch 44mm/1.7 inch
KitBox A 65mm/2.55 inch 53mm/2.1 inch 44mm/1.7 inch
KitBox D 65mm/2.55 inch 112mm/4.4 inch 44mm/1.7 inch
KitBox F 148mm/2.55 inch 112mm/4.4 inch 44mm/1.7 inch


Unique locking base

In order to give you maximum versatility of layouts, the KitBoxes clip into the peg base.

Why not add Locking Devices?

All the KitBoxes are available with a Locking Device. The kitbox can be set to green using a locking key. Whilst the Kitboxes are set to green they cannot be opened.  To access the contents the operator needs to slide the lock open which trips the lock to reveal red.  To set the lock back to green, the locking key is required.


  • Secure and tamper proof
  • Easily identifies which products need refilling


Why not add a clear lid?

We know it is important have kitting and storage that is very visual and you can’t get much more visual than our clear lids!


  • Save time refilling by looking directly into the case without opening it.
  • Easily identify correct kit.

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