The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise: Innovation

Hurst Green Plastics are proud winners of the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise: Innovation. The award, which is held for 5 years, is the highest award a company can receive in the UK.

BAE Systems Samlesbury was the first location for the Hurst Green Plastics’ unique inventory management control system. Hurst Green Plastics Managing Director, Stephen Clarke, worked closely with engineers, and invented the unique TwinBin fastener storage dispenser.

Michael Wright, Head of Typhoon Manufacturing said “It was a pleasure to be involved in the Hurst Green Plastics Queens Award presentation, especially as it was an order from BAE Systems that launched the TwinBin system. Since then the TwinBin system has been an integral part of our approach to managing component supply on the Typhoon programme at Samlesbury and is now successfully deployed across many other manufacturing facilities within our organisation.”

Since that break-through deal in 1999, the Company’s innovative dispensing system is now in operation in over 150 businesses across the globe, including the likes of Airbus, Boeing, Alstom and the NHS. The TwinBin product has also been further improved and developed, and can now incorporate Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) for remote and real-time inventory management.

Hurst Green Plastics TwinBin Queen's Award

On receiving the award, Managing Director, Stephen Clarke, commented:

“We are all absolutely delighted to have received this honour; it is an award that will lift the profile of our Company, not only in the UK but especially within the many countries we already supply around the world, and can only be viewed as a major commendation for our systems.”