The TwinBin System

The TwinBin System will save you time, money and effort whilst controlling your inventory.

It has been developed over the last 15 years by working with our customers to bring you the best solution possible.

Made in the UK, the TwinBin is a two-bin KanBan system that works by storing reserve stock above active stock. Once the active stock has been depleted you simply pull the slider to release the reserve batch leaving the upper chamber ready for new stock.

Advantages of the TwinBin KanBan System:

  • Reduces stock outs
  • First In First Out (FIFO) stock rotation
  • Provides traceability of parts
  • Reduces stock held
  • Fully modular –  Easy to change and adapt to changes in workflow.
  • Quick and easy to install
  • JIT (Just In Time) service

The TwinBin is available in three standard sizes:




Height Width Depth
Injection-Moulded Single 280 mm/11 inch 150 mm/5.9 inch 110 mm/4.3 inch
Injection-Moulded Double 280 mm/11 inch 300 mm/11.8 inch 110 mm/4.3 inch
Fabricated Triple 280 mm/11 inch 450 mm/17.7 inch 110 mm/4.3 inch

If you wish to store much higher volume, fragile or heavy parts, we would advise using our TripFlag system.


Why not add a Flag?

The Flag device allows you to easily see which TwinBins need refilling. When the slider is pulled the Flag will pop up displaying red making it very easy for the store manager to see which part numbers need to be re-ordered.

The Store Manager can set the flag to yellow so everyone knows the 3rd batch is on the way.

The Flag Devices can also be made RFID compatible to make your site even more efficient. Read more about RFID


  • Enables RFID capability
  • Visual KanBan System
  • Available with your Logo

Why not add a Locking Bar?

The Locking Bar prohibits access to the top bin on the shop floor, meaning pulling the slider is to most user friendly action to obtain the product, ensuring the system works efficiently.


  • Enforces First In First Out
  • Reduces cross contamination
  • Available in red, blue or grey



Why not add a Coloured Ticket?

The Ticket allows you to colour co-ordinate your work stations. The clear ticket can be used to shield your barcodes from environmental damage.


  • Colour coordination
  • Reduces cross contamination
  • Protects barcodes
  • Available in red, blue, yellow, green, grey or clear

Once you have ordered your TwinBin System you too can start enjoying the many benefits including…

  • Ending stock outs
  • Implementing First In First Out stock (FIFO) rotation
  • Having traceability
  • Reducing stock inventory
  • Storing any size part
  • Quick identification to re-stock
  • Reducing cross contamination
  • Colour Coordination
  • And much more…

We also supply all the racking to mount the TwinBins. Visit our racking page for more information.

0.75rack with bins

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