What is Kitting and why you should try it.

Kitting:  What is it?  Why should you try it?

Inventory kitting is the process of grouping and packaging separate items together into one-part number based on the requirement within the process. Kitting can save time and money by reducing unnecessary inventory and only using what you need, exactly when you need it.  Kitting can have the following benefits:

  • More Space Available: By reducing inventory you can reduce unwanted stock and free up space within your facility.
  • More Time Available: By having what you need as you need it, the process takes less time meaning you can get more done!
  • More Cash Available: By not having your money tied up in inventory, you can have better batch control and more cash available to spend on things that you really need.
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Kitting can be as simple as putting the parts you need into a cardboard box and storing them together until they are needed but it can be also as complex as 20+ different part numbers being packed together in complex storage conditions.

With constant pressures on turn around time of products, kitting can be a great way to reduce lead times by having parts ready in a ‘grab and go’ system created through kitting and sub-assembly.

What kitting solutions are available?

Kitting Solutions by TwinBin.com are a cost-effective solution as they are re-usable, re-sealable and durable.  Having a kitting container that you can use and re-use is a great way of storing and transporting goods around site. We have a variety of different solutions that can be utilised including:Kitbox System:  Small boxes (kitboxes) placed inside a larger carry case.  Available in a variety of kitbox and carry case sizes, The Kitbox System is a flexible solution to storing your kitting components.  Tamper-proof mechanisms are available for the kitboxes so you know if the contents have been compromised before accessing them. The modular integrated lego peg base on the carry cases means that the kitboxes do not move around the carry case when in transit and sit flush next to one another, once in the case. The ticket holder on the top of the kitboxes can store your barcodes reflecting the contents of the kitboxes whilst keeping them clean from dirt or debris that may be seen in the production work space.  If you would like more information, or if you require a quotation then click here.

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Partition Kitting Solution:  The partition kitting system is our solution if you need flexibility when it comes to kitting.  The Partition Kitting Case can be made into almost any configuration utilising the different partitions to suit the size of components or parts that need storing.  The durable, stackable carry case means that you can transport your contents around site whilst keeping them safe from damage.  All our kitting solutions are available with a glass-clear lid meaning that you can see what is inside without opening.  Want to learn more? Visit our Partition Kitting page here…

If our solutions are of interest, then why not request a sample here and try the product before you buy?