Airbus TwinBin Racking

Companies all over the world are investing in TwinBin and FlagBin to help reduce their overheads!

Airbus UK saved over £60,000 after an initial £10,000 investment.  This was achieved in only 5 months usage.
“The benefits and cost savings since we introduced the new AGS system have been incredible!”  Ray Harper, Project Support Leader, Airbus UK.  There are other data reports available that coincide with Airbus’ success.
Recent companies invested from UK, USA, Germany, France, Netherlands and even as far afield as Japan and Australia have invested in TwinBin and FlagBin racking.
Stephen Clarke, Managing Director of Hurst Green Plastics said,  “Due to the current global economic ‘credit crunch’, it is imperative that all companies look at their overheads and supply chain efficiency.  Massive cost savings can be made which can really make a difference, particularly at this present time.  The TwinBin is just one very easy way companies can do this.”
Benefits include: –
  • Inventory Control – up to 82% of stock reduction has been recorded
  • Traceability – offers opportunity for 100% traceability even for small components
  • Less Waste – every part issued and accounted for
  • No Environmental Contamination – parts are retained in a closed bin
  • No Stock Cross-Contamination
  • Reduces Line Stoppages
  • Rapid Payback on Investment !

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