Mini TwinBin

All the benefits of the award-winning TwinBin system in half the size!

Twinbin family group 2631 v2

Mini TwinBin

Just 15cm tall, the Mini-TwinBin allows the first in, first out management of much smaller inventory or slow moving items allowing users to save valuable space on the TwinBin racks. They can also be used on workbenches, walls or any cabinet.

They have been ergonomically designed with easy pull out and curved drawers so the removal of the smallest screws, fastener or washer is easy.

The Mini TwinBin interlocks with the single, double and Triple TwinBins and can fit to existing racks using our simple crossrail bracket. 

Tommy Sharples, Managing Director, “It’s great that we are now able to provide all the same features and benefits for much smaller quantities of product, reducing the footprint of the TwinBin System for the customer and saving space.  We’ve also supplied the bin in clear, anti-static material for (ESD) electronic components which is popular and following increased demand we can mould with our anti-microbial properties too”